Me, in three perspectives

Since I was a child I have chosen 3 to have as my lucky number. And, I still use the figure 3 to retrospect things. The same applies when I speak about myself. You can understand many things about me if you know I am a family man, a workaholic and an explorer. I spend a lot of time working but I feel that I best recharge my batteries when I am spending time with my family that is now more dynamic thanks to my young son, Octavian Jr.

There is a desire to explore deep in my blood and I am very curious to find out all that is new. Probably this is the main feature that has inspired me in wanting to become a business developer: I see the potential of a business, I can transform it and make it efficient. I do this everywhere in the world depending on the opportunities the market provides (read my blog for further details).


Where it all started

I am an economist, but I have also attended a Master Class in International Affairs. Most of the people I know used to say at that time that I won`t get too far with this subject. Today I congratulate myself for not letting myself be influenced, because I do exactly what I have always wanted – I am looking for business partners all around the world. On top of it all, this profession provides financial comfort. This is the reason why I have understood three things: never let myself influenced by others (but, this doesn’t mean I don’t get inspiration from the lives and words of other people); I should do what pleases me and make money out of it. Of course, as any other human being I have made mistakes: I have not studied when I was supposed to, for example I didn’t learn Russian language in school; I didn’t manage to finish Law school and a few other things…


On the right and left of Perseverance

Perseverance came to me in time. Maybe that was the case because I have formed my models later on in life. I don’t know what lays ahead a flourishing path, but success tastes in a certain way when I take on chances and I spend months trying to convince a business partner. But, it can very well be the case that things go smoothly.

For example, this year I have called a Greek company wanting to present to the director the opportunities of developing a business together. Without having the meeting confirmed, I have bought the plane tickets, I got to the company’s headquarter, I presented my ideas and vision and in the end we shook hands and became partners. Coming back to perseverance, beyond communication and the abilities to analyze and research, I am permanently surprised to observe the best moment to make a deal. I have the necessary patience – and it is best to quote Confucius here – when it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

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