Who would have suspected that the last month of 2013 stands out as a time with an all-time high profit made by the world`s stock exchanges. More precisely, some of the most important 58 capital markets had profit amounting an impressive 63.399 billion dollars, according to the data provided by the World Stock Exchanges Federation. This high was reached against the evolution of the US and German stock exchanges that had also produced some very high profits this year. The previous historic high was reached in October 2007 – 62.800 billion dollars, but once the crisis kicked in the stocks’ profit dropped with approx. 34.000 billion dollars until the beginning of 2009. Comparing with October, November’ s profit on the world stock exchanges has went up with approx. 7000 billion dollars and comparing with November 2012 there was a head start of 20,4%.

The evolution in each area is like this: the United States stock exchange has went up with 23,3% in November 2013 comparing with the previous month, while the European, African and Middles Eastern ones have went up with 21,1%. In Asia, the profit made by the stock exchanges was 15, 9% higher. European stock exchanges had the best progression in November 2013. In Greece the stock exchange went up with 121% and in Ireland and Germany 71% and 23%.

These figures show the increasing appetite of investors on capital markets and I hope they will keep this interest alive also in 2014. This would be an indicator that they are regaining trust in the world economies.


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