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Slovenia is one of the countries from the euro are with extraordinary business advantages, if we think only to the fact that legislation allows to an entrepreneur to incorporate a limited liability company with a capital of only euro  25.000. For a business developer, Slovenia represents, if not heaven on earth, a perfect destination for business, including online trading.

To Patrascu Octavian Constantin, business developer, this small country – with about 2 million inhabitants and which in 2007 adopted the European currency, becoming the 13th state of the euro area – , has offered the proper environment to develop an online trading business.  “The fact that the legislation in Slovenia allows the incorporation of a limited liability company with a capital of only euro 25000 facilitates the obtaining of the license for promoting the online platforms, because the investment is very small “, claims Octavian Patrascu, which attracted him too in Slovenia.

According to him, the Slovenians have a culture as far as online trading is concerned, reason for not having encountered difficulties. “When you come with a similar product, but improved, the market will receive it well”, states  Constantin Octavian Patrascu, whose business consisted of a partnership with a company through which Slovenian clients were introduced on the online trading platforms, that the young business developer promotes all over the world.
Of course, he does not omit to emphasize also the risks online trading might involve no matter the country such transactions are performed. “The bets on exchange rate might bring wins of 500% to the ones who date to gable on Forex, the biggest financial market in the world but, as the attractive the gains might be, the higher are the risks which the investors are exposed to”, points Octavian Patrascu

Forex hazards.

Synthesizing, the risks of trading on Forex market can be: the risk of being cheated, of not having the desired results, of letting oneself driven by emotions, the risk that the market moves too fast or the technological risk, such as losing the internet connection, for example, Octavian Patrascu points out regarding the Forex market.

“The business environment in Slovenia is getting improved, which leads the investors so search for new business opportunities. Because the Slovenian market is small, most of investors search for opportunities outside the borders”, says Maja Miklavzin, a young entrepreneur from Slovenia and also, one of the business partners of Patrascu Constantin Octavian.

Maja claims that Octavian Patrascu’s character led her to conclude a partnership with him. Precisely, the fact that he is “extremely ambitious, smart, open towards new business and he obtained successful results in what he does”.
“The qualities I seek in a person with whom I start business relations are transparency and business vision compatibility to my own”, continues the Slovenian entrepreneur the portrait of Constantin Octavian Patrascu, connoisseur of Forex market.

As a matter of fact, Maja also says that Patrascu Octavian Constantin “has the ability to conclude business with appropriate people, which represents a trump of all good managers”.
This skill definitely favors Patrascu Constantin, as long as Maja says that he aims to attack other markets too, such as the Romanian one, but for now, he continues to strengthen the Slovenian business, after which he will  “unify her forces with Octavian to attack new markets “.

However, for a Slovenian entrepreneur, Romania is not exactly the business model it expected to be, being far from the level of Adriatic Sea as far as the conditions to create a business are concerned.

The rather large differences starts even from the infrastructure, roads, as well as the technological platforms and networks are highly developed in Slovenia, including business centers and clusters, which indicate a high level of innovation. All of these make Slovania a proper place for business development, including for start-ups, as Patrascu Constantin Octavian claims.

“Legislation in Slovenia is clear, the entrepreneurial culture and business networks support are in force in order to help and improve the business growth potential”, writes the site

In Slovenia, small and medium companies represent 99% of business, and most of them are family business. Unlike Romania, which still fight bureaucracy, the Slovenian government has made everything possible to avoid bureaucracy and it still works for legislation to facilitate business more.  By simplifying the entrepreneurial law conditions, Slovenia is one of the first ten countries with the lowest number of requests to start a business, adds Octavian Constantin Patrascu.

Moreover, Slovenia is also the cheapest place on Earth, as the site writes, in launching new corporations. Another advantage of the country is the high level of investor’s security.

Globally, Slovenia is on the 15th place of 189 economies, as far as the easiness to create a business is concerned, as shown by the last study of the World Bank (World Bank Enterprise Survey 2015). Slovenia represents, from this point of view, “one-stop shop”, by simplifying the procedures and reducing or removing the capital requirements.


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