More precisely the social network, Facebook and Twitter, but also the world’s largest search engine Google brought billions to its owners, according to the New York Stock Exchange. Google was first listed on the American stock exchange in 20014, followed by Facebook in 2012 and Twitter in 2013.

The giant company lead by Mark Zuckerberg attracted the largest amount of money after its listing, earning 16 billion dollars. Google has managed to attract 1, 9 billion dollars and Twitter 1, 82 billion dollars. The success of Twitter on the stock exchange has drawn the attention of many investors and it was considered the best listing of 2013. Anyhow, the growing process of these three companies is ongoing, considering the fact that they are making loads of many from advertising. Twitter is leader in terms of mobile advertising, obtaining more than half of the 2013 incomes from ads placed on smart phones and tablets. But, Facebook holds the first position in the field of online advertising on personal computers.

This sort of publicity brings consistent incomes, yet Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he shall focus on mobile devices –ads that generated only 41% income in the second trimester of 2013.

It is interesting to observe in 2014 how these two social networks shall react considering their rivalry that is getting more and more fiercely.


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