vector_watch_-model-luna-large copy…is a life shaping one. A local startup that is built according to a Silicon Valley-like method in terms of energy, people involved and entrepreneurial strategy.

The Vector Watch experience – what it meant for me:

Being in touch with a team of young people with innovative ideas and a smart business plan.

Continuous connection with Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem.

My consultant on acquisitions for startups is my brother who lives in Silicon Valley. His experience includes an exit of the company he worked at, bought by IBM. This is how I turned my attention to Vector Watch.

Strategy and execution of the business pursuant to Romania’s current state

Thanks to Radu Georgescu and because of some smart partnerships grown over time, I became angel investor at Vector Watch. His opinions and suggestions on this startup have influenced me and my other projects.

Valuable creative capacities.

The story of the ‘’young Romanian IT specialists’’ is not just a marketing maneuver. It’s one of Romania’s strong points. Andrei Pitis (previously angel investor in CleverTaxi and I-Rewind), created from scratch an innovative and disruptive technology. Our young people are recognized globally for their technological capacity being targeted by companies worldwide. Of the 95,000 IT specialists, half are software developers.

Encouraging in-house success.

Vector Watch sustained rapid growth launching the product in 25 markets in less than two years. When I previously talked about Vector Watch and its strengths – the 30-day strong battery for smart watches, I said that ‘’Vector Watch is likely to be bought by a big company from outside’’.

Natural evolution of a company born in Romania, subject to the moves in the wearables market.

Vector Watch joined Fitbit, the leader in the connected health and fitness market through a relatively fast exit. As stated on the official website of Vector Watch, the software platform and the team’s knowhow will be integrated in the Fitbit’s experience and global community to create other amazing products, features and experiences.

The Vector Watch experience drives me to:

Invest in promising Romanian startups such as  ConsultaClick.

ConsultaClick is an online platform for medical appointments that simplifies and creates transparency in the doctor-patient interaction, encouraging a streamlined digital process of the medical services. This awarded social impact startup presents high potential for internationalization. Due to its technology and educational bearing it is able to overtake all its competitors.

Work on my project aimed to set up a hub for startups in Bucharest

If you browse the foreign media you can read about Cluj advertised as the Silicon Valley of Transylvania. In the current climate that is no more than wishful thinking. The Romanian startup ecosystem is flourishing, but it needs the adequate infrastructure, more hubs connected, entreprenurial education and culture. By 2020, I’m looking to materialize this project into a scalable concept with a skillful team in a suitable location dedicated to growing successful startups such as Vector Watch and ConsultaClick.





My experience with Vector Watch…
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