My passion for Ferrari, how I relate to this artistic expression of the human, translates my quest for balance. It’s an exercise, often therapeutic of humility and awe through which I connect with everything around me.

Where does my passion for Ferrari come from?

As a kid, when someone gave me colored pencils, you wouldn’t hear from me for several hours. I used to draw racing cars, airplanes, hot air balloons and flying saucers, spaceships, rockets, ships, trains, motorcycles. Vehicles that would take me to those specials places from my imagination or to those parts of the world that I knew only from movies, books or stories told by grown-ups.

When I grew up, I chose to develop international business because I wanted to travel. I started to realize that the metaphor of the road, stepping through multiple cultures and the journey into the rails of the other, characterize me. Now I know why. Because, just like Enzo Ferrari, the path of my life involves a quest towards authenticity and (self) discovery, hence the passion for Ferrari.

What does my passion for Ferrari mean?

I’ve heard too many times the same conventions full of prejudice on people who like supercars, so I’ll talk about what my passion for Ferrari is not:

  • It’s not a frivolous display of power.

I do not collect cars as trophies to show off my whimsical ego. To me, driving is a lesson of honesty and humility. When I get to the steering wheel and ” feel ” the engine, all my senses are sharpened. Mind and soul are connected to a microsystem (the other drivers and traffic) where everything is alive. The attention that prevails, my enhanced knee-jerk reactionl, all make me a little more aware of myself and the way in which individual actions impact the others.

  • It’s not a substitute for human relationships.

I don’t go under the label of a big tycoon who buys the latest sensational car only to add it to a car park of his own. The Ferrari makes me appreciate the mastery of man’s aspiration towards perfection due to a high-quality business performance.

Why Ferrari in particular?

  • Because the Ferrari brand is the business model which doesn’t compromise.

The prancing horse stands for tradition grounded on reputation and exclusivity. Ferrari’s business strategy is based on low volume production in order to nurture state of the art quality of the limited editions series and collection models. These are sold to a select number of loyal clients and Ferrari enthusiasts, including famous singer Eric Clapton, for example. Ferrari reported a net profit of 78 million euros for the first quarter of 2016, up 19% compared to the same quarter last year. Revenue rose 8.8% in sales for the recently launched models, 488 and 488 GTB Spider.

  • Because Ferrari invest in marketing and promotion for Scuderria Ferrari’s participation in the Formula 1 World Championship.

According to the company, their financial performance was due mostly to a strong positioning in the Formula 1 Championship standings, one of the most watched annual sports series in the world. Scuderia Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of Formula 1, having won 222 Grand Prix races, 16 World Constructor titles and 15 Drivers’ World titles, including legendary drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Phil Hill and Stirling Moss. Ferrari stated that the team “worked diligently” to be ready for the 2016 season and through four races, Ferrari has four top-three finishes.

  • Because Ferrari is the epitome of technological innovation, premium engineering and perfect design perfect performance.

Constant improvements have created powerful engines: the V8 engine mounted in the 430 model in 2005, had 490 horsepower, while the V8 turbo engine mounted in the 488 GTB model in 2015, has 670 hp. Innovations for street cars include electronic control systems, carbon fiber parts and KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The company announced in July to expand the LaFerrari hybrid car introduced in 2013 with a new convertible version. LaFerrari convertible has a 800 cv V12 ICE engine under its hood, in addition to an electric motor of 120 kW.

Personally, I do not own a Ferrari. Instead, I invest in finding the best way to make the changes that are needed, in order to bring my contribution to the society that our children and us are living in. My art investments, the fact that I invest in social impact start-ups, my efforts to be proficient at my job, my passions, all these tell something about me and my idea of ​​” making things better ”. And my passion for Ferrari is an inspiration, a valuable principle that helps me organize the chaos around us.

Ferrari and the Road to Authenticity
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