grexit“Grexit” is a matter placed into public discussion, either by the Euro Zone leaders or by international press analysts, for over a year.  During this entire period, investors in Greece have had time to think their business, so that they are not taken by surprise, states the majority of analysts.  This opinion is confirmed especially by business branches with international exposure, such as online trading.  Octavian Constantin Patrascu, business developer in the industry, underlines that Greece remains a friendly business environment.

“The problem of an eventual Grexit did not have a major influence on the investors’ decision concerning businesses in Greece, since they had time to get used to the idea and, more importantly, to protect their exposure”, states Constantin Octavian Patrascu, business developer.  He also adds that the online trading market did not suffer during the entire tense and uncertain period until Greece ratified the agreement on a third international financial support program.

One of the large investors in online trading in Greece, Alexandros Moraitakis, President of the NUNTIUS Securities brokerage company, gave an optimistic statement to Bloomberg, prior to the Greek Prime Minister concluding the agreement with the Euro Zone leaders, stating that he “hopes the Government in Athens reaches an understanding with the Eurogroup. Nobody wants Greece leaving the Euro Zone”. Which is exactly what happened.  Greece has finally signed the agreement with the Eurogroup for a new international financial support program.

At any rate, as far as business is concerned “No risks, no gain. These two go hand in hand in business”, stated on a different occasion Alexandros Moraitakis, business partner of Constantin Octavian Patrascu, in a business closed last year.

In 2014, “I decided to expand my relating horizon and I have decided to open the negotiations with the biggest local broker, an independent financial investments company, member of the Athens Stock Exchange, led by Mister Alexandros Moraitakis”, stated Constantin Octavian Patrascu, in whose opinion the negotiation per se, in a business, is a confrontation of will.

“The business we are operating is not dictated by domestic political forces.  I am happy that we have both had a proactive vision, finally succeeding in setting up a partnership”, stated Moraitakis at that time on the partnership with the young business developer.

He was considering, as many other investors, the political measures taken for encouraging and creating a friendly business environment.  “Indeed, the Greek Government has taken several wise decisions for encouraging foreign investors, providing important leavers in different economic areas.  I believe that, in the near future, those who will want to invest in Greece will enjoy more and more friendly conditions, stated the Greek businessman.

What is certain is that Constantin Octavian Patrascu continues to develop its partnership in Greece, for the very reason that, in this country, ”the business environment is an operational one, and the system is built so as to stimulate foreign investments”.

On the other hand, his business is consolidated in Greece also because of his abilities as business developer. “Octavian has the energy to permanently change his business strategy when the need to adjust demands it. His achievements and the seriousness with which he is dedicating to ensuring that everything is working well have impressed me, he is one of the promising young entrepreneurs”, as Moraitakis declared.

As far as the state of spirit in Greece is, in an interview to Bloomberg, the mayor of Athens, George Kaminis, states that the majority of Greeks do not want to exit the Euro Zone, and the Government must consider this aspect.  Asked whether Greece is preparing for bankruptcy, Kaminis immediately answered: “no such preparations are being made, since bankruptcy means chaos, and Greece is not preparing for such a thing”.

The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has accepted the conditions of Eurogroup on the reform measures.  The European Central Bank (ECB) has already granted Euro 900 million for the functioning of the Greek banks, however in an emergency mood.

We are reminding the fact that the Euro Zone leaders have unanimously reached an agreement concerning a new financial support program for Greece, the international creditors being the European Union, the ECB and International Monetary Fund.

Among other decisions, the Eurogroup has also requested the transfer to an independent fund of Greek assets amounting to up to Euro 50 billion. Half of the Privatization Fund of Euro 50 billion will be used for the recapitalization of Greek banks, which will then be privatized.

The idea of a Grexit was not completely eliminated. It all depends on the implementation of reforms by Greece, agreed with the Eurogroup, and rebuilding the trust between Greek politicians and the leaders of the Euro Zone.


This article was published in by Constantin Octavian Patrascu

The “Grexit” problem did not have a major influence on the investors’ decision concerning business in Greece, since they had time to protect their exposure

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